Friday, August 05, 2011

Be sure to take care of the wildbirds with it being to hot and dry.

I'm feeding the birds and refreshing their bird baths.. Yesterday I looked out to the bird bath and there were 5 Robins just standing in the water, it looked like they were trying to cool off. Then I saw lots of splashing.. I went back out and refilled the bird bath. With this hot weather we are having it's so important that they have fresh water to drink and bathe..

I also weeded the garden and got all the weeds gone. My cucumber looks like there is one almost ready to pick , lots of blooms so there will be more. Had three tomatoes.. Yeah~! I planted some yellow ones this year , suppose to have less acid.. I love to go out and pick fresh vegetables in the garden, they taste so good.
Last night I got the sprinkler out and the hoses and gave my garden a 1/2 hour of watering.. This morning the plants all look so much better. My flower garden looks like it could use some water too. So tonight I'll move the hoses over to it.

This morning in my daily devotion ~ it was titled: God is doing a work in you.
There are two things you can count on as you walk with God: tribulation that works for you , and grace that enables you to stand while you're going though it. Have you been praying for patience? Get ready for tribulation; there's no other way to get it! Patience only grows in the soil of adversity. The truth is, some of the people you can't stand right now are the very ones who'll mature you spiritually and get you to your destiny. God said "Moab is my washbasin" (Ps. 60:8) Moab was a troublesome next-door neighbor who drove Israel crazy. But such people can also drive us closer to God~! So, who's your washbasin? Who brings out the worst in you? Who drives you to your knees? Who stretches your faith? Who develops your character? The problem is, we pray for certain things but God has a process; only as we get to know Him better do we begin to recognize it. Here's how it works: you ask God for strength and He allows you to go through struggles that develop you.. You ask Him for wisdom and you get to deal with messy situations that have no easy solutions. You ask Him for success and He gives you ability to work and wisdom to produce. You ask Him for favor and you get responsibility. (Then you want to run from it) There's work going on in you right now~! You may not be fully aware of it, but without it you'll never be qualified to handle what God has in mind.
I don't know how this happens with this devotion. A lot of times when I read the today's message it's what I'm going through right now.. Whew~! So it settles me to know that God is listening and I just need to know that God has something in mind for me in my life . Listening to James MacDonald from Elgin, Illinois at the Harvest Bible Chapel on the Internet has really made my relationship with God so much closer..
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We've really enjoyed all the garden vegetables too. I think the garden was one of the biggest highlights of my summer :-)

A Quiet Corner said...

Hey, Annie, glad to hear you too are enjoying your harvest. Not sure if you know it, but I gave you an award this week. Stop over and pick it up before you get too busy!!!...:)JP