Saturday, August 27, 2011

GranAnnie Come to my House~!

Here is Ben dong his favorite things.. Swinging , he loves swinging. He said his new friend Grant, at school showed him he could
swing like this.. He said GranAnnie you don't have to push me this way.

He also loves jumping on the trampoline.. He has learned to bounce on his butt and then stand up.. He thinks this is so cool.. "It's a new trick GranAnnie"..~!

Found this Cicada shell and actually the bug.. Oh my I thought it was so beautifully marked.. He almost looks like a jewel. I just marveled at how awesome this bug was.. But on the other hand Ben and his Mom said Yikes~!

Don't make me touch it GranAnnie, please don't make me touch it or hold it~! shutter shutter.. I just laughed..look at that face...His Mom in the background is laughing ~ she would hardly look at it let alone touch or hold it.. Poor things, they are missing out on the marvel of looking and holding bugs.. Good thing GranAnnie is brave and Grandpa Dee Dee, he is holding the cicada while I take it's picture.

Here he is eating his supper. Hot dogs, green beans, and orange..and giving me the look "I love you GranAnnie"..
After supper we went to the living room and watched Harry the Dirty Dog.. Tracie got this DVD at the library. I have the books and he really loves me to read him to him.

He wants to earn some money for a Mario Lego motorcycle. It cost $7 .. So Tracie told him she would make him a job chart and if he did those jobs daily she would give him a quarter. She had a tootsie roll bank and she gave him that to put his money. Last night he earned 75 cents. He was so excited~! He kept asking Tracie "Mommy what more can I do?" It's never too early to teach children how to earn money and then to save it too.

It's a beautiful day here in Iowa ~ not quite 70 degrees and it's sunny. I feel bad for people that are in the wave of Irene...hope by tonight we can say "Goodnight Irene"~!..

Have a blessed tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


sawn48 said...

Grand children truly are Grand.Dr. Phil and Robin get plum silly with their new Grand daughter.She was one yesterday, and they are expecting their 2nd.I relived my past experiences along with him and Robin and their grandchild. The feelings you have when spending time with them,are overwhelming.

sawn48 said...

Mine are a little older now, but I'll never forget having them to call and say with a little pouty lip,"Meemaw,can you come."I'll cherish that memory forever.

Laura~peach~ said...

love it all :) the cicidas are amazing we had some really cool ones here this year... the kids were either amazed or appalled lol

rex22lbs said...

Great pictures of Bennie. Love the tootsie roll bank idea.