Friday, August 26, 2011

Leone's house is now history...

My friend Leone Coons died at the age of 102.. She was a school teacher at one time in a one room school house and then she taught here in Springville. She was such a lovely lady and I have many memories of playing dominos with her and my friend Phyllis.
Phyllis was mentioned in my last post. Leone loved her flowers and her garden.. This is all that is left of her flowers.. Good thing she is not here she would be so sad.. The house was a 5 bedroom house with kitchen, dining room and living room and one bathroom. She lived here with her husband John and daughter Nancy.
John farmed the 120 acres. handpicking the corn at one time and then bought a tractor and corn picking machine to pick the corn. To me this was very sad to see but know that life goes on.

This is the lean two that is next to the barn.. in the forground was her flower garden.. gone now.
The barn still stands so far and I'm sure by the end of the day it will be gone too. The company that is working on this project is hauling everything away.. No more house no more chicken house no more corn crib.

This is a view of the basement. It looks so small. When I went down into her basement it always seems bigger.

Here's the barn before it goes...John was so proud of his barn. The house was in front of the barn. I wish now I would of gotten up there before it got torn down. IT's just a memory now .

This young couple named Mike and Dawn DeMean bought the farm. They have 4 children. This is going to be a great place to raise the kids..

They go to our church and is a wonderful family.

So a day of history going down and now all that is left is the happy memories. I guess I would rather see this than all the old farm steads that are just sitting empty and falling down and looking very sad. Once upon a time there was a family that lived in these homes with children.

Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day ~!~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

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sawn48 said...

It's hard to loose such things,especially things that evoke so many precious memories.The elementary school where I worked for 27 years,was leveled last year.We thought with our hearts, and felt that they should keep it, but in our minds, we knew,our children deserved a nice new school like all of the other country schools.With it being an old school,and with all of the latest news on mold and lead paint,and spiders,etc., we knew it had lots of problems that children did not need to be exposed to,and the cost of renovation was outrageous.Most of the older folks,who fought to keep it,have passed away now, and the children have a beautiful,new,clean and modern school,in which to learn,and they seem to be just as content.