Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Helping my Grandpa's fix the tractor~!

This morning after breakfast we drove over to Ben's other Grandparents ~ Jim and Joann. Dave was helping Jim fix his John Deere tractor.. Ben was in his heigth of glory. G-Joann gave him a small toolbox and off he went with his tools. It was so cute watching him walk from the house to the shed where the old tractor and the grandpa's were working carrying his toolbox. I wish now I had taken a picture. He tried every bolt on that tractor. His little hands were working hard . He has been around Dave enough that his tongue is in motion constantly working ~ working. It's so cute. He is in training on how to fix old Deere

John Deere tractors.. They were working on a J.D. 520. He loves those old tractors and his sound effects are so unique.. It would make my throat hurt making that noise that he makes. I should tape it so when he gets older he can hear what he sounded like. After the tractor was fixed of course he got to ride that tractor with Grandpa Dee Dee and Grandpa Jim. What a treat that was for him in one day.

He brought his Thomas Train Engine and all his other trains and actually set up his train track right there on the floor of the shed where they were working on the tractor.. He layed on the floor to make sure the engines were on the track and then he would crawl around the floor so he could take his engines all around the track.. It was most fun to watch him and the noises he makes for each train. He knows all their names .

Noon whistle blew and we went in for lunch.. He ate a huge lunch.. Sliced Ham, hot dog, dill pickles, cottage cheese, a large slice of bread with butter. sliced apples and for dessert a banana pie with whip cream. Yum Yum~! Grandma Joann has a table in the living room that he makes his small John Deere Tractors farm. He has disks, hay bailers, wagons, even a plow.. They all hook up to his small tractors and around and around the table they go .. Ben making that noise that he makes to make the tractor go.. Priceless.

We had a fun day talking, playing and exchanging chit chat. After Thomas the Train was over on public television we went home. I put Ben to bed and he was asleep in less than 5 minutes.. He took a 2 hour nap.. GranAnnie took a nap too.

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Carolina Trekker said...

Ben's first words will be righty tighty lefty loosie!