Friday, September 11, 2009

Ben at Old Threshers,Mt.Pleasant,Iowa

Ben and Grandapa Dee Dee and GranAnnie all went down to the Old Threshers Reunion over labor day. He really enjoyed himself. He loves John Deere tractors so he was in his heigth of glory. He even got to ride on one with Grandpa Dee Dee. That is what Ben calls him..
He loved seeing the BIG steamers.. He kept saying "Hot ~Hot". he could feel the heat coming off those big boys. This steamer is owned and operated by John Johnson from Springville.. He had burned his hand and had it wrapped up with a bandage and big bag of ice. Later we took Ben where there are sandboxes.. He loved playing in the sand with all the tractors and toys.. It was good for us. We could sit and relax and watch him play in the sand.
IT was a great day and at the end of the day Ben was out like a light.. Sleeping and dreaming of riding on John Deere tractors.

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