Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday morning and all is quiet`

I'm here in Barrington Illnois to take care of my 3 grandchildren. John age 12 Kelly age 10 and Emily age 8. Rich, my son and wife, Maria went to hospital for some testing at Northwestern Hospital . I'm here to take care of the children and the dog, Izzy and the house. It was a flurry this morning with everyone getting up getting their breakfast and packing their school bags and getting out the door. After they all left, the house got real quiet.. Izzy and I went outside to play ball. What a beautiful fall day today is,, so wonderful, quiet and just plain lovely.
I decided after awhile I would come inside and get on the computer and check on my e-mails and see how my FarmTown is doing on Facebook.. Good thing I did that, the my crops were ready to harvest. I really enjoy FarmTown ~! IT's a lot of fun~!
It's almost lunch time and I think I'll have a peanut butter dill pickle sandwich and then play with the dog somemore.. I'm reading a really good book, so I think after lunch I'll go outside and sit in the sun and read for awhile.
Going to ask Rich how I can get my pictures downloaded from his computer. I have some new ones to be published..
Have a great day everyone..~!


Carolina Trekker said...

Izzy is a very lucky GranDog.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

well, i will have to go and
look that up too... i got it off of a pet loss website..that scripture quote...

maybe it is not right... i will go and fix it..thank you