Monday, September 07, 2009

Very Relaxing

This evening as I sit reading all my favorite blogs I decided to get my foot bath tub and put some of these invigorating peppermint crystals in with the almost too hot water. Ahhhhh~ in goes my feet.. Oh my goodness that feels so good. I went to a bed and bath party (I don't like to go to parties) and they sold these plastic tubs just for your feet to fit into and have a good soak. These plastic tubs have lots of ridges to rub your feet against and it feels so good. I would highly recommend one of these to all~! Step #2 is rub your feet with this wonderful peppermint pumice foot scrub.. Makes them smooth. plus gives your hand a treatment of smoothness too. Step #3 Now put on the soothing peppermint cream and your ready for bed.
I would highly recommend doing this nightly. When I do this my tired feet feel so good and makes it easier for me to go to sleep at night. I especially like it in the winter time because it warms your feet up. I hate going to bed with cold feet. Seems like it takes half the night to warm them up.
Sweet Dreams ~ nitely noodles~!

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Carolina Trekker said...

David & I were just sharing that we have cold feet. Send me the name of the folks who made your tub & Peppermin cream? My old dogs need all the help they can get.