Thursday, September 03, 2009

Looking at the sweet dollies in this picture brings back so many great memories.. Kelly my niece went to the estate auction of my Dad's house and she was able to purchase these dolls for my sister, Lynn and I.. She cleaned them up and made some of the dollies new clothes.. She even put on a new wig (blond) for my favorite doll, Mary. She is going to mail these dollies to us in a few days.
We were so excited in knowing that our dolls even existed. We fiqured over the years that they would of been put into the local dump. These dolls have been played with over the years so much it's a wonder they even look this good. Kelly said she washed them up and washed their clothes . We girls sure loved our dolls. We remember spreading a blanket in the front yard & dressing them. David's pony had a colt named Topper and he came running
to a screeching halt at our blanket one day and commenst chewing and slobbering on our doll clothes. Two screaming little girls playing tug of war with a colt's
chompers. We acted quickly and were excited trying to claim our dollies clothes.. They were all slobbered with horse slobber, Yuck~! Topper was not at the top of our list anymore in liking him.
We just thank Kelly for retreiving our dolls for us and it will be nice to have them in our homes again.

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Carolina Trekker said...

Beautifully written Annie.
This was fun to read.