Monday, August 31, 2009

When Mommy got home tonight to pick up Ben

When Tracie came this evening to pick up Ben he was so happy. I showed her how he was trying to read the Thomas the Train books that I had picked up at the library last Friday. They are easy readers. Of course he couldn't read them , but he sure was telling us all about what he thought was going on in the books. He loves Thomas the Train and all the other engines.. At his house he has a train table that has the tracks, lighthouse, mountain that blows up,swinging bridge and lots more stuff. He plays and plays with all his trains. He knows all their names.
Rocco was feeling lonely so he jumped up on my lap and it made for a perfect picture of Ben,Rocco and Grannie Annie. Rocco gets to come to Gran-Annies house when Ben comes on Mon. Tues. Fridays.

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Carolina Trekker said...

You are a wonderful Grandmother.
Maybe you can put a video on your Post so we can hear Bennie name the trains?