Monday, September 07, 2009

I think this is a Minx cat.

This morning got up and was having my first cup of coffee.. This big yellow cat came out of the soybean field and planted itself right under the tree where the bird feeders are..There are so many goldfinches right now one just can't count them all.. My husband Dave says "Hope he gets his tummy full with catching ground squirrels "...We have a lot of them.. I said " I hope he doesn't get my birds"... He stayed about an hour and then got bored and left through the soybean field.. Don't see many cats in our yard... I was surprised when I saw he had no tail. Well, he had a stubby one. Hope he stays home as I don't want my birds captured by this big cat. He can eat his breakfast before he comes next time. I think he thought he owned the whole yard ~ he walked like he was a king.. real regal.. I love cats but not when they try and get my birds.


Carolina Trekker said...

If you click on and enlarge the picture of Bennie with the feather he is so tenderly stroking his feather. When Patrick was his age Grandma Taylor started collecting feathers for him and he joined in. He had a corsage box he kept them in. That would be fun for you and Bennie to do together. Kind of like collecting seashells at the beach, but feathers from the grass?

Carolina Trekker said...

I tot I saw a Puddy Tat a sitting near a Tree. I tot I saw a Puddy Tat a looking right at Me.
Tweetybird had better sound the alarm for his Ground Squirrel buddies. That is a BIG yellow cat.