Monday, August 31, 2009

Today Dave, Ben and I drove to Jesup, Iowa to pick out the new color steel that is going on our pole shed. We stopped at this farm store where there was a beautiful parrot named "Checkers".
He was saying "Hello" to us as we entered the store. Ben thought this parrot was pretty cool until it got on my shoulder. I just laughed,,this is the first thing that Ben the fearless has a fear for.. I just thought it was so funny. This parrot wanted to get close to Ben so bad.. No Way~! Ben didn't want anything to do with this bird. We looked at all the toy John Deere tractors which Ben just loves.. He had 6 boxes of tractors laid out on the floor for Grandpa Dee Dee to buy.. One tractor was $35.. Needless to say we told ALL the tractors good-bye and got to the car fast. We had a great day.. stopped at Burger king on the way home. Ben had 4 chicken strips and fries and a chocolate milk shake.. his favorite. lots of ketsup please.. We arrived home just in time for his afternoon nap.. 1 1/2 hour today. When he got up he was a happy boy.

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Carolina Trekker said...

You never know what the day will bring...when you woke that morning did you imagine a Checkers in your day? He is a BIG Parrot. Fun pictures.