Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yummy Sweet Corn

Here is Ben eating his sweet corn. He is 2 1/2 years old and he loves his corn.
I take care of Ben on Mon. Tues and Fridays.. We have lots of fun. His favorite thing to do is go outside into the big shed and get on the John Deere Tractors.. Grandpa Dee Dee ~ that is what Ben calls him.. Grandpa's name is Dave. They go out first thing after Ben has his breakfast and Dave gives him a ride on the 530 John Deere in the pasture down to the creek and back.. You can hear G-Dee Dee telling him where everything is on that tractor.. gas cap, fly wheel, exhaust pipe, brake, steering wheel and all the other parts on the tractor. Ben is repeating everything Grandpa Dee Dee is saying.. So cute. Ben is being trained to love tractors ~ especially John Deeres..
When I put him down for a nap he brings out his favorite magazine "Green Magazine". It's a monthly magazine about John Deere tractors. I read to him and he just loves it. He also likes the magazine called "Two Cylinder"..That also is all about tractors.. Yesterday we read all about brakes on a John Deere. Ben loves it~! maybe someday he will be the owner of his own John Deere or maybe Grandpa Dee Dee will just give him one of his..
Grannie Annie is teaching him about the birds.. Yesterday the goldfinches were heavy on the feeders outside the window in the living room. He would say Goldfishes when he saw them.
then he would giggle.. This morning I was noticing on the picture window lip imprints.. Ben likes to put his lips on the window and breath on it and make breath marks on the window. He thinks that is such fun. There are Ben's lips all across the window from left to the right. I just left them on there for now. They look so cute.
Today we are going to go geocaching. I called his Mom to see if they were up and I could hear Ben in the background saying "Hi GranAnnie". What a wonderful gift God gave us~! Grandchildren are such a treasure and I love all my grandchildren. all 7 of them.

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Carolina Trekker said...

This is so beautifully written. Will look forward to more farm and nature Posts on your site. YBFS