Sunday, August 23, 2009

The summer guests

Today I sat outside in the yard to read my book. "The Lost Choice". written by Andy Andrews.. Great book , everyone should read this book. While sitting outside I could see one pair of ground squirrels running from the garden to the house to the garden and back to a hole next to where I was sitting. I have another pair that lives in the big rock next to the driveway.. They would run from the bird feeder to the house and then back to the rock. Whenever these two pairs saw each other they would chase each other all over the back yard.. When they would meet and get close to each other they would kick box and roll each other over and over in the yard. It was so fun watching them.. They were both busy gathering black oil sunflower seeds and taking them to their nests.. Their mouths and pouches were chuck full of seeds. I went into the house and got some marshmallows. I threw them into the yard..It was so fun watching them trying to carry them and then to get them down their hole to their nest. It was great entertainment. What a treat~! Won't be long and winter will be here and they will hibernate ~! But they will have plenty to eat ~ sunflowers seeds and for dessert marshmallows.

Maybe tomorrow I'll put some cheetos out in the yard.. It will be fun to see how they get those big puffy orange sticks into their nest..

My Goldfinches have been very busy at the feeders.. I have to fill my feeders everyday now.. The males are bright yellow now and they just shine so bright at the feeders. I'm sure they are busy with their babies as the milk weed has busted open and all the seeds are flying. Great nesting material for them. The Hummingbirds love the milk weed too.


Carolina Trekker said...

I think a little Graham Cracker & Hershey Chocolate is is order here! I have never seen a ground squirrel before. I enjoyed this Post alot.

Tiggeriffic said...

I'll send or bring a couple dozen down to your house.. They dig holes all over your yard.. The farmers really don't like them because in the spring when they plant the seed. These little rascals go into the field and dig up the seed corn and eat it..I love to watch them run all over the yard.. Very entertaining.