Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flowers in Bloom~!~!

Flowers are in bloom in my garden and it is so beautiful.. I was trying to get a picture of the bunny that lives in this garden. He would not peek out of the sedum so I could get a picture. He was in the yard earlier eating fresh lettuce that I put out for him. He would not let me take his picture today . I just got the flowers. So enjoy them and know that it's only 68 degrees again today. Nice fall day..


Carolina Trekker said...

Wow. Your garden is amazing. What have you been feeding it?

Tiggeriffic said...

God's been watering this garden..
Just keeping out the weeds is a full time job.. I thought it was very beautiful. I put these pictures up just for you.. I'm waiting to see your pictures.. How's the book writing going? LOL