Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sunday drive to Balltown Iowa.

Sunday  after church we went and picked up Tracie and Ben to go to Balltown, Iowa for our yearly visit to Breichbock Restauarant .  We have gone here for 5 years now to see the pretty leaves and the country side. It was a windy but nice day.  we usually stand next to the fence and take our picture with the country side in the background.. This year Ben was ornery and we didn't want to get him out of the car.. I just took a picture of him in the car and then turned around and got the countryside.. You can see the Mississippi River from here.  Ben could only think how much fun we could have to come back when it's cold and snowing and go down this hill in a sled.  If you ever get to Balltown be sure to stop in at this restaurant because the food is really really good.. Across the street is a feed store that sells apples, potatoes, squash and dried herbs and lots of other things.. I always like to buy a bushel of apples.. They taste so good this time of year.  
On our way home we saw a beautiful sunset and it was fun to watch it sink into the horizon.  Ben kept asking,, "Where did it go?".  Cute. 
    Today is Tuesday and it's a rainy , windy, cold day.  Looks a lot like a wintery day.. Today is a voting day for people that live in Springville. I thought there was something that I could vote for and drove into town.. The voting officials were happy to see me but we sad to tell me that I couldn't vote.  Voting was only for Springville Town Residents.  Voting 3 council men/women into office.. Shoot..I love to vote.. Oh well, I went to the library and picked up three books..and 1 magazine.. Magazine called Life:Beautiful 2 books Pocketfull of names,,written by Joe Coomer.. Plainsong written by Kent Haruf.  So now I have plenty to read in my days of staying home.. I love to read and you would think this time of year I would have all the time to do this.. With helping Mrs. Wittenburg's 2nd grade class on Monday and Thursday it leaves me 3 days of the week to read.. Good Luck~1  Tomorrow I'm going to visit my friend that goes to church,, his name is Gene Andersen.. He is a wonderful man who likes to tell his stories of working on the railroad.  Then I'm going to go and get my haircut at 3.. Yeah that will feel good.  busy days~1  but I love going to help out with the 2nd graders.
      Ben and Tracie are coming over for supper this evening.. We are going to have chilli.. I'm going to cook some potatoes and make mashed potatoes to pour chilli over.  That sounds good.. m-m-?  I'm going to make some apple crisp.. sounding like a good evening.. Ben loves to play games so I'm sure we will be playing Parcheesi or Sequence. 
      Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Well, these boys can get ornery sometimes.

Your dinner sounds yummy! I have green beans (that we froze from our garden) in the crockpot with potatoes and ham, but I'm not sure what to serve with it.

Jeannelle said...

Great Iowa scenery! I've heard of Balltown but have never been there.

rex22lbs said...

Great pictures - sure looks like Iowa. Love the picture of Bennie in his Old Threshers shirt. Glad you guys made the trip.