Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Come for Tea~l

Wish you all could come Saturday and come to this old barn that is decorated so beautifully.  All provided by the owner, Debbie ~ free of charge..
Yesterday, my friend ,Holly and I went to Stone City, Iowa to visit the old barn that we were told was offered to women for gatherings.   This Saturday we are having a Breakfast Brunch for the girls that go to our church and live in the area.  Some of these girls go to church, don't go to church ~ believe in God or don't believe..   This is our 3rd month of organizing this for these girls.
      When Holly and I walked into this very old barn we were taken away with the view.   There can be place settings for 30 people.. We think we will be having 20 girls come to this gathering.. We have a young gal, named Hope who is a Freshman in college and she plays the piano and sings in her tenor voice.. She is going to play for us and we will be singing Praise Songs along with her..   We are going to have a $5 gift exchange.. We have asked the girls to bring along a favorite devotion that they have read this week and if they would like to stand up and say something that the Lord has done in their lives .   All voluntary, that way no one feels intimidated... Just keep it light with lots of laughter and enjoy each other.
The gal that owns this has such a wonderful spirit.. Holly and I got to talk with her yesterday and it was just a delight.. She said there would be no charge.. (we are going to have a free will offering and set it under one of her Christmas trees)   She is going to have coffee,tea,milk,2 kinds of juices and she is going to make us her homemade pecan roils.. yum yum...  We have asked the girls to bring something they would eat at a brunch.. So I'm sure there will be lots of food, fellowship and memories made.. We just let God lead us each month on what we plan for these girls and so far he has not let us down..
         After we left the barn we went to Holly's house and had lunch and then went to the local high school and elementary in Springville.  I gave the Superintendent, his secretary and the business office girl each a devotion. Then we went to the elementary and gave the Principal and couple teachers that we knew a daily devotion..   They were all happy to receive one of our devotions it was amazing.
        We then went to Wyoming, Iowa and looked at Camp Wyoming.  Last week-end in February we are going to have our 6th annual Women's Retreat and we wanted to look at some of the buildings to see which cabin would be big enough to hold us all.. We chose Owl's Nest cabin and it will sleep 30 women.  More than big enough for us to use.  Now to get everything organized for this event.. But we have plenty of time for that.We just pray and ask for God's leading.. It's like getting out of the boat and walking on water. I love it~!
          Today I have to get my front living room as we call it ready to bring down a twin bed and put in there. I'm going to have total knee surgery two days after Christmas.  I have already had two on my left knee and now I'll be having this one on the right knee.. Not looking forward to this but if I want to walk again without pain ~it is needed..
       Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~ ta ta for now from Iowa~1


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That barn sounds neat, and the lady sounds so nice!

A Quiet Corner said...

What a warm hearted angel in disguise, Annie!...:)JP

Changes in the wind said...

The barn sounds wonderful and what a heart of gold.