Sunday, November 20, 2011

No pictures today ~!

       I always like to have a picture to start my blog with otherwise it just looks so blank.. But too busy today to try and search for one to put here. Just imagine a cloudy day and the birds are so busy at the feeders.    
 They are back to their squawking noises.. No more mating going on out there and hear their beautiful songs they sing.. But I do enjoy seeing them at the feeder..  This morning I went out to the burn barrel to burn the big load of trash I brought from Tracie"s house last night.. I didn't want to burn it last night because it was too windy.. BUT this morning when I went outside to burn this trash it was gone.. I thought I must of lost my mind.. How could this be, that barrel was full of boxes, 3 bags of trash, it was plumb full.  I didn't see anything in the field or yard  where some raccoon had carried it off .
I had burned trash from the house yesterday morning but how could there be still a spark this late in the day.. I came in the house and asked Dave "Did you burn the trash this morning that was in the burn barrel.."  He said "Huh".. I came to the conclusion that I hadn't lost my mind.. There must of been a spark that lit it and caught it on fire.. Whew~ that was so strange...
      This morning Tracie is bringing Ben over to the house to go to church with us.. She has a massage therapy meeting from 10 to noon. I told her since I was watching Ben for her then she would have to come and help me clean my house.. Jodie and Mark are coming and I really need to put some things away or throw away and get ready for them to come.  They are bringing their cat with them and we are going to take care of Calvin for a week..  I have lots to do today..
     Yesterday at 1:30 I went to  Marion High School to watch the play the home school kids that are from this  area performed, the play was Pride and Prejudice.. There were 4 kids that live in our neighborhood that were in this play. Jordyn Weppler who is 16 had the lead part and she was really good.. It was quite a performance and I was so glad I went to see them perform.  There are 42 children in our community that are home-school..  I think it's just so wonderful.  There is a main building in Marion, that offer middle school and high school classes.  Boy, I would need that if I home schooled my children.. Chemistry, physics, calulous and all those other classes would be beyond me..
      Time to get busy and get ready for church.. Rascal Shorts will be here soon and happiness will fill the house for another day. I showed him on the computer, games he could play and I'm sure he will want to do that before we leave.. I typed in Curious George Games and he just loved all the activities that he could do. When he was here on Friday night it was fun to watch him manuver the mouse to get to where he wanted to go and then play the games.. He has great eye/hand coordination. which is good.  He was also interested in looking at the Presidents of the U.S.A.  I showed him on our money  the different Presidents pictures. He must of looked at all the Presidents for 45 minutes and asking when they were born and where they were born and then how they died.. He really liked Abraham old Lincoln the best..  He wanted to see his house , his wife .  I thought this so interesting..  He liked George Washington . He thought his hair looked funny. I didn't even try and explain that it was a wig.. It was a good time watching him click back and forth to all the Presidents and listen to him ask lots of questions.  (he has lots of questions).
      Have a Blessed Sunday ~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


JDaniel4's Mom said...

JDaniel loves George activities too. The play sounds wonderful!

rex22lbs said...

Awwwww Just relax today. Calvin doesn't care if the house is clean. :)

Carolina Trekker said...

I love Pride & Prejudice...know you enjoyed the play. That is so cute about Ben & the Presidents. He is a smart cookie...Love You Ben!