Thursday, November 10, 2011

Girl's day out~!

I had this all typed out ~ this post and dog ~gone it got erased by me fumbling around.. Well I 'll try and say it again what I had written..
Last Saturday a group of girls that Holly and I invited to go to Galena, Illinois..for dinner at the Market Shop Restaurant and then go shopping at the shops in Galena..(I'm on the right side of this picture~ I'm wearing the blue jacket ~ Holly my friend is on the left with the grey jacket.  There is a gal in the middle, she lives in our neighborhood.) There are a lot of quaint shops throughout the town from antiques, to popcorn store, tea/coffee, beading/jewelery and lots of restaurants. I didn't buy anything but there was a few things I thought were interesting.  I saw these cool tea bags that had mesh bags with a leaf attached to the top of the bag.. I thought $15 for a box was a little pricey.. The other thing I saw was a stained glass picture of wild birds.. It was so pretty and would of looked good hanging in front of my windows here on my new porch.    I enjoyed sitting on benches in front of the stores..Talking with people as they passed by. There was this old man who came by and I asked him he wanted to dance.. He said, "No Way">  But he did sit down next to me to talk and tell stories.  He said he was a barber in this town when he was younger  and his brother was the undertaker.. He said not many people wanted to go see his brother because he was the last person to let them down... Lol.. He was really funny and very interesting..  We heard a huge Labrador dog barking that was in this big black truck . The windows were down and the dog was barking very loud.As the truck went by where we were sitting,   I started barking and this dog came to the other side of the truck and was barking at what he thought was another dog.. Hee Hee.. it was me... We all had a great day and are looking forward doing something next month.. Holly and I have decided we are going to do something every month.. We call it our church outreach to women in the neighborhood.. Some of the ladies go to our church.
       Today I went to the school to help Mrs. Wittenburg with her 2nd grade class.. I go on Monday and Thursdays.. I really enjoy working with these little ones.  Today I helped them alphabetize their spelling words and have them read their reading books to me individually.  I took some sliced apples with me today and in the morning when we had a break we ate them.. The kids loved eating the apples.. Apples taste so good this time of year.
        This evening I'm going to Sharon Lang's house for our sewing group that come every Thrusday evening. It's lots of fun to see all the projects some of the girls are working on. I'm making head warmers for my grandchildren for Christmas.  Some of the gals are making quilts for their grandchildren some are making beautiful knitted sweaters . It's just fun to talk with them and hear about their week and drink delicious tea that Sharon makes for us.. Last week she had awesome pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting.. Yum Yum ~ it tasted so good.   Enjoy the beautiful full moon and be sure to look at  Jupiter the planet that is right next to the moon.. It looks like a headlamp in the sky it's so bright. It's been there for quite awhile..
      Guess I best get going ~ have a Tiggeriffic Day ~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Jeannelle said...

Galena sounds fun! I saw the lovely full moon this evening, too!

Dawn said...

Ah! It's Jupiter is it? Our family was debating just what that planet was last night:)
All girls need a time out!:)))

Carolina Trekker said...

Beautiful group of neighborhood ladies. You and Holly did good!

Carolina Trekker said...

pnut butter spread on an apple slice is awesome. it creates that sweet/salty thingy thats delish.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sounds like fun - you sure stay busy!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Sounds like you and the girls had a fun day out! As a teacher I want to thank you for volunteering! We need more caring people like you in our classrooms! I have a 2nd grade volunteer on Tuesdays and she's wonderful!

Have a great weekend!

rex22lbs said...

The moon is so beautiful right now. Thanks for the star gazing tip on Jupiter.