Monday, November 21, 2011

Aunt Jodie and Ben are a team~!~i

 Aunt Jodie arrived this afternoon with hubby Mark and their cat Calvin. They live in Michigan and are here in Iowa for Thanksgiving. They are going to be here for a day and then they are going to Marshalltown to Mark's family for Thanksgiving.  It's so good to see Jodie and Mark.. We are going to take care of Calvin while they are in Marshalltown and then will come back here for a few more days before they go back to their home in Michigan.
     This evening Tracie and Ben stopped in for supper. We had Leek Potato Soup and Garlic Bread. I made Smokie Joes for Ben and corn.  It tasted really good. For dessert we had apple crisp.  Yum Yum~!   After supper we got out the games.. We are playing  Parcheesi, Tracie and Ben were a team and Tracie and I were a team.. Jodie and Ben won ~! He was so excited as up can see in the picture above.. What a boy~!  We had such a great time playing  and laughing...
Ben and Aunt Jodie were looking at the computer and found a game for Mario.. Dressing up Mario.. Ben had a great time playing with that and showing all the different outfits that Mario could wear...
       He went home about 8 p.m.  with the excitement of knowing that  Aunt Jodie and GranAnnie were going to come pick him up in the morning to take him to school..  Off he went smiling and waving and blowing kisses to us.  What a boy~!  

I went to the school today and helped with the 2nd graders.  They were working on their Science lesson.  They are learning about The Water Cycle.
Mrs. Wittenburg had a play for them to do and they each had their own parts to read.  Then they made head bands of the part they got to be in the play.. They did a really great job with making their head bands.. I had a great time with them and came home at noon.
       The weather here in Iowa is super great~!  Lots of sunshine and really nice temperatures.. It was in the High 40's today.. It can stay like this until March.. Wouldn't that be nice.. Ha Ha... I love the winter weather with all the snow but I do enjoy these mild days we are having.
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~!  ta ta for now from Iowa..:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We will have to find that Mario game. Pierce is very interested in Mario right now, so I'm sure he'd enjoy it.

Carolina Trekker said...

Happy Thanksgiving...enjoy Jodie & Mark & Calvin & Tracie & Ben!