Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is Ben with Mrs. Kedley his Pre-School teacher.. She is so good with him and understands him so well.  He is getting his hand painted for a Christmas Card for his mom and dad.  He made a Thanksgiving card previous of that and I had my phone in my pocket.. Then I realized ~ oh my goodness ~ I need to be taking  a picture so I can show you all..  He loves going to Pre-School and that is so good.. He is a happy boy..~!
      Yesterday was a great day in the Lord...There is a gal that I know that is having lots of struggles in her life that I have  been in contact with for about a month now..Her name is Holly.(not my friend Holly)  I knew this Holly since she was in grade school and I was a custodian.. She is now 32 and she is in the hospital.. Monday ~ she sent me a message via Facebook.. She asked me if I could bring her a bible and a devotion that we hand out at our church..  I said "Sure I can do that">  Holly is a diabetic and because she doesn't take very good care of her diet she has lost both of her feet.. She went back to the hospital last Wednesday to have more surgery.. She has a sore on the bottom of her foot and she has a large blood clot that the Drs are now getting dissolved.    She needs lots of prayer..  So yesterday my friend Holly and I drove down to the hospital ..I stopped at the christian book store and bought her a Women's Devotional Bible.. I have one and just love it..  I had the store engrave her name on the front cover.  This bible has beautiful pink flowers all over the front and her name looked just wonderful amongst the pink.. I gave it to Holly along with the devotional.. She cried and was so thankful.. She said last week if you had brought me this I would of told you to go home.. She said "I'm ready to ask Jesus in my heart"..and I need your help".. I had a track with me and asked her if she was really ready to change, she said yes,,.. So I read it to her and at the end I told her she would have to read the prayer... She read it and then she cried some more.. It was so awesome to watch her face radiate with God's love.. She said "she felt like a big rock was lifted from her back'... She had a computer next to her and I asked her if she was willing to listen to this pastor that we listen to from Elgin, Illinois.. She said yes.. So we turned on the computer and I went to    and  clicked on teachings and then scrolled down to video.. His has a series on Change..  The first one is titled "Take out the Garbage..".   We listened with her and she watched intently to what James had to say.. She cried , she nodded her head in agreement with what he had to say and then when it was over we prayed.. She texted me this morning to thank me over and over again..  She said she got out her bible and highlighted all the scripture that James used in his sermon and watched the video 5 more times. .  Now how wonderful is that.. I was so excited to be a tool for God to do this for him.. Another child is going to enter the gates of heaven and be in the arms of Jesus..
I just love to listen to James everyday.. He has audio messages that are his old sermons but uses them as daily messages.. it's called Walk in the Word.. The video is his Sunday sermons right now and it's great to watch it on my screen on my computer..   Holly wants to go to church now and go to our bible study.. I told her that she was on an adventure of her life and God has so many blessings to give her and show her.   God is so good.
    Today Tracie,Dave and I are driving to Ball Town, Iowa to eat at Breichbach's Restaurant for turkey today.. I 'll bet the chickens are all happy today..His cousin is getting eaten today...Lol...  Have a great time watching parades, eating all that good food~ taking naps and being able to see friends and family on this thankful day .  Have a Tiggeriffic Day ~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Poor Holly. It sounds like you are a very good friend to her. I hope that she is able to find the courage and motivation to control her diabetes adequately in the future - it's just so hard for some people to do so.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Hi, I'm actually coming from Lisa's site. I saw in your comments that you're from Iowa. I grew up in Tipton--you've probably never heard of it and my parents now live in Iowa City.
More importantly, I'll send prayers for your friend. You're a great friend to have.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I bet Holly loved getting to see you. You are so amazing in the way you live out your faith.