Friday, February 25, 2005

Does your head itch?

Today Maria called me and said "Guess What?" I said m-m-m-? O.K. tell me.. She said all the kids have head lice. Oh my, my head starting itching all over. She said, I should comb my hair with a fine comb and then look at it and see if I saw any lice. No lice that I can see. She said Kelly has it the worst. She must of had it for a long time. Well, I'll have to keep tract of my scalp. I was there for 12 days. Have only been home for 10 days. Oh just the thought makes me itch~! Sure am glad that I didn't use their brushes to comb my hair while I was there. It gives me the ebee jeebees just thinking about the little guys crawling all over your head. Can you go blind if you get infested with them? lose your hair? Oh my, just hope I don't get those little creepy crawling things.


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i am seeing this for the first time now a year later. watanasty experience