Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Big Fat Mouse

This morning when I woke up I came downstairs and made my first cup of coffee. There is nothing like a cup of coffee to start my day. It's like your whole body says AHHHHH~!~! While making the coffee I looked below my kitchen sink to see if a mouse had been trapped in the mouse trap. Yikes~! there was one mouse and it was huge. It's eyes were bugged out and it was dead. So I took the mouse out of the trap and threw it out the back door into the snow. I thought when I go out to feed the birds I'll take him out to the field.
I went out to feed the birds, the feeders were all empty. While I was at it I cleaned the feeders with my bird feeder brush. There were some port holes that were cloggled. I got all the bird feeders and the suet feeders with new food and I came in the house to get water for the bird bath. As I was headed to go out back door there was a huge red-tailed hawk swooping down from above and landing near the mouse. I ran to get my camera, but by the time I got the camera on, the hawk had the mouse in it's talon's and it was flying off to a nearby tree. So I tried to take a picture of it in the tree, but Mr. Hawk flew off with it's big ole fat mouse. WOW~! I was so surprised. The hawk was so big and was so close. So I took camera and took pictures of his feet prints in the snow. They were huge. When Dave came home I showed him the pictures of the feet prints and asked him if he knew what kind of bird made those prints. He said it looked like a chicken. (We don't have chickens). When I told him he said that was a good way of getting rid of my dead mice.
I called Rich and he said I should throw out some chicken meat tomorrow. Have camera ready and take the picture. Maybe tomorrow I'll get another mouse.

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Carolina Trekker said...

Wow,,this is your wildest mouse disposal adventure! Would love to see the "footprints" picture with this Blog.
Doesn't this remind me of the other visitor to your yard as you ran across to the field with a Watermelon. Could you please tell that story next? Thanks!