Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Izzy the Bisquit Eater

The last morning at Richard's house I decided to make bisquits for breakfast for everyone. The grandchildren loved them, lots of butter, jelly and almost all of it dripping down the chin. Such bliss to be a child again and not care that butter and jelly are dripping down the chin onto a clean shirt. Grab a napkin~Quick and catch those drips. Too late.
Walked the kids to school with the thought of coming home and having one of those bisquits with my morning coffee. As I was coming into the house I heard Rich say, "OH MY GOODNESS"~! I turned the corner just in time to see Izzy the dog, licking her lips. You could almost hear her say," "M-m-m- that was good, is there anymore?"
She ate the rest of the bisquits (8) and a whole stick of butter. Reality came quick as Rich said "Izzy, go to your bed, you bad dog". I laughed,and told him, "Well it comes with getting food under the table. When the kids don't like what's on their plate they put it on their spoons and spoon by spoon feed it to Izzy." So why not go for the top of the table. Can't you just imagine how a dog thinks ~"No one is here, breakfast must be over. So I'll just get what is left over." Sounds reasonable for a dog m-? I just laughed and thought of all the dogs we had when our kids were younger and they fed the dog under the table. It's a food chain.
I think what is so funny,is that Izzy only gets 2 cups of dogfood a day to keep her slim. It's a good thing. With the dogfood and peoplefood she gets daily she will become a little lumpy and bumpy. I think that is called love handles.

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Carolina Trekker said...

LOL at "Love Handles" the Biscuiteater.
Were they Pillsbury?