Wednesday, February 09, 2005

squirrels are alive

Here in Chicago the squirrels were so hungrey at South Cook Street that when I went out to feed them they came just a scurrying. Do you know how they get to the tall feeders? They stand on each others backs to get to the food. They take turns so everyone gets something to eat. Isn's that nice..No one goes hungry.
The Cardinals are making their Spring call, birdy, birdy, birdy~! Music to my ears. The black capp chickadees are very busy , flitting to the feeders and then grabbing some sunflowers and dasing off. They are so sweet.
It snowed here in Barrington, Illinois and it's so pretty. I love it when it snows you can go tracking. Have you ever been tracking? I saw that Blues Clues was in the driveway. Tracks all over the place. Blues Clues is a dog. I saw some tiny bird tracks they looked so sweet. Other tracks sighted was something that looked like it had slid from the road all the way to the garage. It went uphill. It was made by a small boy pushing the recycle box back to the house. ha ha.
have a great day. Love your blogspot My favorite sister.


zeldamax yoshi said...

wAT am i ,,,, mashed potatoes??? good to see you are up and alive again after alll the pork. last time i will remind you of this. there is a reason why pork is banned in isreal. it is not just a jewish thing.

hope to see you on the road soon after all these birthdays. you are going to be birthdaid out. have a great time....

Carolina Trekker said...

i once saw 2 squirrels implementing this climbing technique. one had a hammer and a sheet.