Wednesday, March 02, 2005

IT's Spring~!~!

Here in Iowa it's finally Spring~!~! When I go outside the birds are singing their spring lovey dovey songs. Time to get out the baby monitor. Every spring when the birds sing their mating songs to each other I go and get the baby monitor. I put one monitor outside and the other one in my kitchen. It's too cold to sit outside and listen, so this is easier. My cat goes crazy the first few days when I do this. She looks all over the house and tries to find the birds. I love to hear the Cardinal, singing Birdy Birdy Birdy...Then the goldfinches with their lilting sweeeet. The green feathers will be molting off soon and their bright yellow feathers will come forth..
Do you know how you know when Spring has really sprung in Iowa? When you see the first red-winged blackbirds. Sorry Robins you are not the first sign of Spring.
What a relief,,Spring is almost here..


Carolina Trekker said...

This is sweet. Remember when Rich was six and sang,,"Springtime is coming,,,,Springtime is coming,,,Springtime soon will come.
Up on the Hillsides, down in the Valleys,,,Springtime sooooon will come. :)

Carolina Trekker said...

The Dandelions will be back. Martha Steward has been foraging for them to cook this week at the prison. She will "spring" home on Friday!!

zeldamax yoshi said...

i am trading my microwave in for a baby monitor. why did not i think of this before. this will be fun