Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Flamingo's Dancing

If you hummed the nutcracker suite out loud, you could watch the flamingo's dancing back and forth like balerina's. Round and round, doing their perets, spelling wrong) they were so pink they were almost red. They would go into the water and then come back to the beach area. Dancing left and then right. Oh they were so much fun to watch.
They only lay one egg in a mudd mound. Won't it be fun here in the spring when they hatch their eggs we can see little flamingo's. If you want to see the flamingo's go to www.smithsonianzoo and go to the animal cam's that are there and you will find all kinds of animals. Pandas', baby cheetahs, gorilla's, elephants, girraff's, flamingo's, and other zoo animals, it's a window into the zoo that you can see on the internet right in your own home. Cool m-m-?

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Carolina Sunshine said...

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Can I have this dance??