Sunday, February 06, 2011

This is where I go on Thursday nights to be with the sewing girls.. I'm reading a book called Land of the Burnt Thigh written by Edith Eudora Kohl. Edith and her sister Ida Mary were in their 20's and they decided to move to South Dakota in 1907. They found a community of homesteaders, lived in a tiny tar paper shack on 160 waterless, sun baked, and snow blasted acres for eight months until they could "prove up" their claim. Within a few weeks Edith was running a newspaper, Ida Mary was teaching school and the two were helping others who had come to settle.. Couple of girls, Margie and her daughter, Katie, come to our sewing group are Quakers and where I live here in Iowa there is a Quaker Community. Used to be very large but now there are only a few. In Whittier just south of my house there is still a Quaker Church that is now listed as Historical. They still have church on Sunday mornings.. I see maybe 5 cars there . Margie and Katie go to my church across the street from the Quaker Church but they tell stories of how Whittier and this community used to look like and the people that lived here.. Very interesting and reminds me of all the hardships that these girls went through in this book.. It's a really good book and I recommend it to anyone who likes to read about how it used to be like here in America..

Here is Benny jumping on his trampoline. He loves jumping and it's so good for him.. Gets all that extra energy that is stored up and released.. I brought him a bar of soap from the hotel we stayed in couple weeks ago. He was smelling it and holding it out for me to smell.. When he took his bath later he kept saying "Mm this smells good".. Silly boy. He can really jump high on this thing..

Got my mittens all finished and Ben had them on with his play microphone. IT plays songs and he was dancing on his trampoline and singing.. HE wants me to make him a pair of slippers and mittens. So I have them finished to give to him later today. He has a red coat so I made them red. These mittens are not hard to make and are actually fun knitting them. The slippers are so easy.. Infact it was the first project I made when I was 9 years old.. Knitting these slippers helped me earn my sewing badge for Girl Scouts. They were quite a struggle when I was 9 and I needed help lots of times from my Mom..

My birthday was yesterday ~ I am now officially 67 yrs. old.. I always tell people that I'm 1/2 way to 134 ... makes them do the math.. Dave and I went out for breakfast and then we went to the movie "The Kings Speech".. Oh that is a good movie.. It's a true story which I like and it's about Queen Elizabeth's father.. There are lots of people that stuttered, Moses, Winston Churchill, Ed Vaughn, he went to school with me. At our last class reunion, I got to see Ed and he doesn't stutter anymore. My friend Phyllis's husband Richard ~ we called him Ole.. he stuttered badly but when he would tell you how much he loved God and he would talk about Jesus he would not stutter one time. I always thought that was amazing.. Stuttering would be so hard..

There for awhile Tracie and I thought Ben was going to be a stutter-er.. When he talked he kept repeating over and over and over the first word in his sentence.. I-I-I-I-....... We just let him do that and didn't hurry him to finish his sentence and now he has learned to put words together and he talks so much better. Ben didn't learn how to talk until he was almost 4..

It's snowing this morning and it looks so beautiful ~! I hate to say this because there are so many people anti-snow..but I do like the snow and winter. Makes one appreciate when it does warm up and you can see signs of Spring. The birds are grazing at the feeders this morning they must be very hungry or something's up.. The birds are a good sign that a storm must be coming or we are going to get lots of snow.. Either way I'll enjoy whatever the day brings..

Getting ready to go to church this morning and then this evening go to my friends house for the Super Bowl game.. Some of the people that come watch the game and the rest of us play games.. Apples to Apples is always a fun game to play.

Tracie and I made root beer floats.. He has never had one before and as you can see on his face he thought it was yummy. He has a frosty mustache , cute... He is quite a boy and such a joy in my heart to be with.

One grandchild out of 7 that live close to me that I can enjoy..

Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! Ta Ta For Now ~ from Iowa... IT's 22 degrees and a lovely snowy day...


texwisgirl said...

And that 1 of 7 gets plenty of doting, for sure! :)

Happy 67th, dear Annie!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We love rootbeer floats here~!

I love that old farmhouse where you do your circle.

Happy 67th! May it be a fun and fantastic year for you.

acorn hollow said...

We got snow last night while I do not usually mind snow that much this winter is trying my patience.
The woman who taught me to rug hook was a quaker. She taught me to be still and listen to my creative self. Such a lovely woman.
i am not reading much right now as I am working on finishing up a large rug..
have a great day

Laura~peach~ said...

he is so adorable I see a mini tramp in bradleys future...cory did not talk till he wa sover 3 bradley does not talk now.. but they manage to get their message across :)

rex22lbs said...

Awwwww! Great pictures of Ben. I'm glad he is keeping you busy and probably warm from running after him.

Carolina Trekker said...

Happy happy Birthday!! Glad you liked the movie. I did too.
Heard you got in a Blizzard on the way home???