Friday, February 04, 2011

GranAnnie I love to go sled riding~!

After the storm we had on Tuesday night Tracie and I took Ben outside to look at the big piles of snow that were made after the snow was plowed from the driveway..
Tracie would help him get to the top of the pile and then he would ride down just squealing with laughter. He was having so much fun~!.
We received 15 inches of snow,, with all the snow blowing with the strong winds how does the weather man get a true reading..
When we woke up Tuesday morning the house was so cold.. The heat was off. Thermostat said 50 degrees. Tracie and I went downstairs to check on the furnace. I turned it off and then back on..the pilot light came on and the flame went across the burners and then it would shut off. I had her go outside and check the vent that was outside.. Sure enough it was completely covered with snow and and that made it so the furnace couldn't get any oxygen...She shoveled the snow away and Da Ta the furnace started back up and the heat was back on in the house.. I also had her check the (I think it's called the regulator).. and she uncovered it and everything is running good.. That was a relief~! Because I'm sure with the roads closed, the furnace man would of not gotten to her house..

I came home on Wednesday evening and on Thursday morning I came outside to take some pictures.. I thought the shadows of the tree on our shed looked so cool.. There was a snow drift in front of the shed ~ hard to see the depth but it was over my knees..

I think this was beautiful ~the cardinal in the snow drift. The birds were so hungry.. I filled up all the feeders and they pretty much said Thank they didn't wait for me to move away.

On Tuesday night I opened Tracie's back door and took a picture.. At first I thought the snow had gotten on the lens.. I checked and the lens was dry.. The snow was coming down so fast and so heavy this is the picture I got.
I thought it was so cool looking~!


texwisgirl said...

I love that cardinal shot. And your little Ben is having a blast. We got half as much snow as you did here, but I hope it starts to melt by tomorrow!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

There's nothing like children having fun in the snow to make you smile!! Great pictures of the cardinal too!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Laura~peach~ said...

awesome pics and i have heard many had the same furnace troubles... it has to breathe LOL...

Home In The Hollow said...

Happy Birthday, Annie!!!! Great pictures and full of life as usual...that's my girl!...:)JP

gld said...

Happy Birthday!

The snow is beautiful, but it does complicate our lives.

Ben looks like he is enjoying himself!

Tracy said...

Oh goodness, the cardinal is just gorgeous...but the shadows are really cool as well. I'm glad you got to 'play' outside for awhile; that's always fun with a little one!
take good care and stay warm!