Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Potluck at Church~ Walk around Pie...~!

This is what I made for the Potluck after church on Sunday.. I make pie dough and roll out 1/2 of what I made and I put it in the bottom of a cookie sheet.. Today I decided to make 1/2 of it cherry and the other 1/2 apple.. Then I just roll out the other 1/2 of the dough and lay on top.. Finger water on top of the dough, slit vent holes in the dough sprinkle sugar on top and bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees, or until it's light brown.. I cut it into generous squares, so one can pick it up and just eat it like you would a brownie bar or something like that. People (especially the men) love this when I bring it to our potlucks.. There is so much good food at potlucks. My favorite is home made noodles and chicken.. Yum Yum~! I leave the desserts alone as my diabetes would rise too much and then I would feel not too good.
There were 70 in church yesterday which is a good number for us. It was a great day ~! I love my church and love going and seeing all the people that are there.

After church I came home and took a nap.. LOL..isn't that what your suppose to do.. Jodie our daughter that lives in Michigan called and said she had 5 inches of snow with the weatherman saying there would be 7 more inches coming . I told her she could have the snow.. We were getting rain. Told Dave it sounded funny or different to hear rain coming down .. It was hitting the windows. Week ago last Tues. we were having a major snow storm.. Between the screen and the windows there was quite a collection of snow on the East side of the house ...Some windows we couldn't even see outside.. Our snow has almost all melted and the grass is turning green. I'm sure we will get more snow between now and April.. I can remember in April one year we got 24 inches of snow. BUT the good thing and only thing about Spring snow is we get a free nitrogen treatment for our grass and the snow usually melts the next day or so.

Saw the neighbor boy and his friend going through our driveway with corn stalks, and a metal gate..carrying it on a two-wheeler. I quickly got my camera and this is the picture I got.. Well, be interesting to see what he is building in the pasture on our farm. He is 14 and loves to hunt. Last fall he built a very crude little hut in our pasture near the creek . This is probably a add on to the hut.. Who knows.. He is a good boy and if he gets to use our pasture/creek for a fun adventure I don't mind. Our kids built a fort down there and they have many fond memories of sleeping over night and having campfires there. I wish I could of gotten the picture closer but that's O.K. you all get the idea. Two boys doing something creative.. They are away from the TV and computer games and they are outside having fun.
Ben called me last night and was talking up a storm.. He wanted to know if I knew where you could buy a Mario doll.. I told him that a little boy at church had one and he said he got it from Target. Ben says~ GranAnnie can you buy me one? I told him that could be possible and maybe after I pick him up from daycare we could make a run to Target to see if they had one. He was excited... Before we hung up he said 'Be sure to pick me up early at daycare so we have time to go to Target tomorrow"... Now for a 4 year old that is good thinking.. What a boy~!..
Cloudy and looking like rain this morning. 33 degrees and back to having to wear my heavy winter coat. It was nice last week to just have on a light jacket.
Not much going on for Monday.. Going to go read my book and work on my crochet socks..
Have a Tiggeriffic Day!~! Ta Ta For Now from Iowa...~!


texwisgirl said...

Seems like a lot of the US got another burst of winter this weekend. Not so in Texas. We clung to our 60s and 70s with hopes winter is over (but I'm not holding my breath!)

Lynda said...

I love your *walk around pie*...I think it's something my family would love...we always have one wanting cherry and another wanting apple pie...what a hoot if I surprise them with this at our Wednesday Family Fun Night! Thanks!
We're so cold right now I would think I lived in Alaska and not *sunny* California. I'm miserable!

Thena said...

Sounds like a very simple pie to make. We've been having beautiful weather for the past week. Suppose to even break 80 for the high today. But I looked at the 10-day forecast. Rain next week and turn cold again.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm not one for cherry pie, but I LOVE peach pie! Yum!!

rex22lbs said...

Yep, we received the 12 inches of snow as promised. Sounds like Ben and you are going to have a fun evening. Give him a hug from me.

John Gray said...

a lovely snippit of life!

Home In The Hollow said...

That dessert looks delicious and I LOVE cherry, Annie!

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

A Mario doll? Like Mario and Luigi? I'm so out of touch with what the kids are playing with these days. :)

Carolina Trekker said...

That looks so delicious. Think we could make one of those when you come visit? :-)