Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snowman weather~!

Here we are on our wedding day 50 years ago. Feb. 11, 1961. We were so happy and as you see outside it was a snowy day.. I posted a picture on Friday , of Dave and I and thought you might want to see what we looked like at 17 years old.. I wanted to post this picture on Friday but I couldn't find the pictures..
I wore a blue dress because the pastor wouldn't let me wear white. Couldn't have the wedding march played, couldn't have my dad walk me down the aisle. Just because we were going to have a baby.. Back then things were so different when there was a baby involved before you got married. Wasn't allowed to go back to my school to watch my class graduate... BUT at Dave's school it was so different. When our son, Wally was 9 months old Dave took him to school and Dave gave a demostration of changing his diapers in Speech Class.. I never have let adversity bother me or get me down.. I just worked around it and have been a very positive happy person all these years. (there has been cloudy days but my dad taught me when you wake up and it's a lemon of a day you turn it into lemonade. )
On Friday on our 50th anniversary Dave and I were out to breakfast and was ready to leave to go see a movie.. Tracie called me and said Pre-School had called and said Ben was really sick and wanted someone to come after him, of course I said 'YES"> So on our way up to get Ben at Pre-School we passed by Ben's Daddy's house and I took this picture. The snow is melting enough one can make snowmen now. Ben and his Daddy made this snowman. Ben was so proud of it~! I dropped Dave off at the house and I took Ben to the Drs. She said that Ben had a virus and to give him Zyrtec for his runny eyes and nose and that would help his cough and give him Ibuprofen for fever. I took Ben to his Mommy's house and he settled into taking a nap.. Tracie called and said she was going to stop at Tomaso's Pizza and get pizza for supper. She called Dave and he came over and we had pizza, our favorite.. "Happy Anniversary"...~! It was a great day and Dave and I can go to a movie another day.

Today church was just great.. We had over 100 people attending today. We usually have 60 or so.. Must be Spring.. It was in the high 40's. Very nice day~!
After church I went over to Tracie's house. Ben was a wild man. He was wound up today like a 2 dollar watch. That is why we call him "Rascal Shorts".. He was so happy to see me.. He ran and jumped into my arms.. Tracie went into her bedroom and took a nap.. She said she was exhausted.. So we got out the Thomas the Train track and the trains. I let him build the track as it's good practice for him and it takes longer if I let him do it.. We had a good time running Gordon and Percy around and around the track..making all the train noises we could muster. WE haven't played train for along time. So it was good.. I read him a bunch of books and we played out the book of the 3 little pigs. We built three houses around the house and I was the big wolf and he was of course the pigs.. We had a good time laughing and role playing. I was ready for a nap... I had him help me wash the dishes from supper ,, I wash ~he rinses.. He loves to play in water.. Tracie got up from her nap and I told her I was going home.. She put a movie in ("Curious George" ) for Ben and she thanked me for my help. Ben saw me outside getting into the truck so he ran out to give me one last kiss and hug.. He said "Bye Gran Annie you are my favorite person...kiss kiss hug hug. What a sweetie~!
Now I'm home and can relax.. that's what is so nice about Grandchildren.. You can enjoy them and then go home ....Yeah~! I love them all so much.
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! Ta Ta For Now ~!


texwisgirl said...

I know your daughter appreciates the breaks you give her so she can catch a bit of rest. And I know you enjoy your time with Ben too. :)

sweet & lovely crafts said...

What a beautiful wedding picture. It's hard to believe that you weren't allowed to wear white, or have your father walk you down the aisle. You wouldn't even think of things like that today!
Thanks for visiting (& commenting!) on my blog!

acorn hollow said...

What a wonderful picture and happy belated anniversary. I know you are a big help with your grand child. And great memories for the both of you.
happy valentines day

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Your wedding picture is so awesome! What a huge cake (we had a very small ceremony and didn't even bother with cake or a reception - much to certain relatives' dismay). It sounds like you had a really special day :-)

John Gray said...

a handsome pair!!!!!!

rex22lbs said...

Very nice post. I love Ben's snowman. Glad you were able to give Tracie a break since Bennie can certainly wear a person out. I never noticed the snow in your wedding picture. Some things never change :) :)

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Love the photograph -- how young you two were to take on marriage! But it all worked out, didn't it?

Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day -- with grandson in tow. :)