Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What did you do to my hotdog Mom?

My daughter sent me this picture of Ben..with his hot dog? Poor guy.. He likes his hotdogs cut a certain way and this is not it~! She said it was suppose to be a shape of a octopus.. I laughed.. It looks like two legs... Well, Ben didn't like it and said "No Octopus for me".. Silly boy.
The weather is so nice 60 degrees this morning and sunny.. Inspiration of cleaning the house after the 3 days of cleaning out the sewing room. Goodwill was happy~ My sister and brother are going to be happy when they receive 5 big boxes in a few days~ and I'm happy.. I can now see my sewing room and can feel like I can sew again.. I have quilts just waiting to be made.. Plus everytime I go to "Crazy As A" and see her new potholder loom that I want and now I have a spot in this room where it could go easily.
First things first.. it's time to remove the wax on my kitchen/washroom/bathroom floors and then put on the new wax.. It's been needing this attention for along time. I bought the wax yesterday.. Did you know that Wallmart, Hy-Vee (local grocery store) or even Amway does not carry floor finshes ? So I went to a local store in Marion (Marion Brush) that services schools and offices and bought some floor finish for these floors, plus the wax remover. Since I was head custodian at the Springville Schools for 15 years I know how to do this project. So soon and very soon I'll get started on these floors and make them beautiful and shiny again..
Dave is off golfing this morning and it's time to get dressed and get things dusted, vacumned. I need to wash the windows in the living room and take off the screens and store them.. I like to take off the screens in the downstairs of my house to let in the sunshine in the fall/winter season.
It just makes your house brighter.. Don't know where this extra energy is coming from but I best move with it while it's with me. I have so much to accomplish and then I can settle down to sewing...
Pick up Ben at 4 today and then have a great time playing with him... No octopus hotdogs~!
Gal up the road that has boar goats just wrote on facebook her goat had twins.. So I will stop in and let Ben see those baby goats.. He loves them... When we get home here I warned Dave that Ben will be wanting a ride on his favorite John Deere Tractor the ole "A".. and then on the J.D. 530.. I think Ben will want something to do with farming when he gets older. He already loves it so far.. Especially the rides on the big big tractors and combine.
Best get busy ~ the morning is going fast and I best get dressed and onto the chores. Work today and play tomorrow... Yeah~! I like the play part...
Ta Ta For Now~!~!~!


Home In The Hollow said...

Perhaps the onset of Fall, Annie...I feel the same way...:)JP

rex22lbs said...

Too funny. Bennie's face is so full of concern. I also washed windows today and vacuumed the house. Kindera and Dean from Florida are coming tomorrow for a visit. They wanted to come to experience fall. Should be a nice time for them. The colors are really showing and the temperatures are certainly fall like. Enjoy!