Thursday, September 30, 2010

Say Cheese~!

Picked up Ben yesterday at Pre-School. We stopped at Waltz'n Meadows to see the Boar Goats.. Barb has lots of them.. As you can see the sun was bright and Ben did his best by looking at the camera and saying "Cheese".. Lol.. Barb called me and said that one of her goats had twins. SO Ben and I will have to stop by on our way home this afternoon to take a look..

Looks like he is putting this piece of grass up the poor goats nose.. Barb has all these goats named and I'm sure this goat didn't mind Ben doing this as the goat ate the grass. Ewww burger grass..
One of the goats has pnemonia and coughs a lot.. Ben said "Goat needs some medicine..he has a bad cough". We had a lot of fun looking and feeding grass to all the goats. I think living in the country has it's advantages..
Beautiful sunny day here in Iowa.. suppose to be 65.. That will be nice and with the sun to give the day warmth it will feel good to be outside.


Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, I want to get a goat SO BADLY after visiting my friends' Elli & Mike. I LOVED their goats...but old poop-face (aka the Hubby) said NO!...:)JP

Dawn said...

haha...oh I love that smile of his!
And there is something about a goat that makes a person smile...if not laugh a bit. Funny creatures:)

Looks like a good memory making moment(s)!

Nicole said...

Beautiful pictures!! Sounds like a lot of fun!!
Wish we had somewhere here like that, Maddie would really love it!

Kerri said...

This is PRECIOUS! What a little treasure he is!