Monday, September 20, 2010

Ben working on puzzles~!

Ben is working on floor puzzles. He did such a great job.. He said "GranAnnie ~ these puzzles are huge..and I like them.

Ben took this picture of Tracie, Rocco and Me..I thought it was pretty good ~ except he didn't quite get me. Too bad.. This is a good picture.

Here is the John Deere puzzle. The tires were the hardest part but he mastered it with lots of concentration.

He really liked this one.. Farming I think is going to be part of his life..

I can't believe he was able to put this one together all by himself.. I was the cheerleader ~ I cheered him on..He liked that and we did lots of high 5's..

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rex22lbs said...

What a boy! I bet he loves those puzzles and how big they are.