Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall is really here~!

The Sedum is in bloom and the glass ball is reflecting the sun starting to set. Still blue skies with a hint of pink on them from the sun.. The air is fresh and a little chilly..57 degrees.

Have been cleaning out the sewing room. Second day working on all that stuff> Boxes for Goodwill ~ Boxes to send to my sister & brother since they can still do cross stitch and needle point. then bags and bags of stuff going to the burn barrel.. We can still burn here in the land of Iowa. At least in the country.. Tomorrow morning I'm going to go to Post Office and then off to Goodwill. Come home and finish up getting things settled in the sewing room and then I plan on getting a project started with quilting. It will be so much nicer working in this room with everything looking better.

Went out to my garden to look at my pumpkins.. My oh My I have a huge one growing... Ben is all excited ~~ he calls this one "MINE"> He wants to take it home.. Next time he comes I'll take it over to his house.

This evening I caught my first mouse in the trap under my kitchen sink.. Yikes~! he smelled bad. So Fall is really here~!

I found three more pumpkins that are growing rapidly.. They are so beautiful laying along side the green leaves. This pumpkin patch is only from one seed..that I planted in the ground this spring. With all this rain we have gotten this summer ~ the pumpkins have done well.
Am excited this evening.. Amazing Race is beginning it's season. I don't watch much TV > but this is one show I do watch. Should be lots of fun~!
Must run~! Ta Ta For now...


Nicole said...

Love that fall is here! Beautiful pictures!
Hmm... cleaning out your sewing room? What's going to Goodwill? lol My mother in law will be in Iowa the end of October, you could send it home with her! lol j/k (but if I was there I would be waiting at goodwill for you!)

Tiggeriffic said...

I'm taking to Goodwill, lots of cross stitch projects. frames that go with the projects. hardbound books about crafts, cross stitch, quilting. clothes. lots of magazines about cross stitching, quilting, crafts. Lots of material that I will not be using to make a quilt.. goodness there is alot more but my brain is not coming forth with those items. Hoping Goodwill takes it all.. Wish you lived closer I would just bring it over to your house... for free.

Home In The Hollow said...

Beautiful pumpkins, Annie! I love Fall...:)JP

Nicole said...

WOW! You know I'm all about the free!! Yes, too bad we don't live closer. I'm running low on material.. =(
OK, my husband would say I still have a ton, but what do they know!?! lol