Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The view from my brother,Leroy's house

While in Ohio at my brothers, Leroy's house this is the view that he gets every morning.. The sun is rising and the moisture is coming off the lake.. It was so beautiful. I hated to leave. He has lots of birds that come to his place. Every morning he takes a small bag of potato chips and feeds the ducks.. He said in the spring he had many purple martins come to his purple martin birdhouse.. This large grey heron comes every evening and perches on the end of his boat and sleeps there for the night.. This morning he was all hunched over until he saw me and he raised his head.. Off he flew to find his breakfast.

Today I need to go up and clean out my sewing room.. It's just a mess. I have decided to take everything out and sort it and only put back what I want.. I'm not doing cross-stitch anymore so off it goes to another home, the books, the aida cloth, all the accessories ~ out ~ out ~ out. I have a lot of neddlepoint projects that my brother sent me and now that he is living in South Carolina now I'm going to mail it all back to him...
I have been very busy reading all the blogs I follow. It's so interesting to read them all.. Very time consuming..but enjoyable.

David Martin rents our 40 acres and last night the big combine came with the wagons and semi-truck.. All the corn has been harvested and everything is gone this morning. The field looks so bare and now I can see for miles again. Won't be long ~ we will start seeing pheasants ~ deer ~ turkey and hopefully the quail will be back.. I love to hear it's song "Bob White"....

Time to get started on the day..Yikes~! It's almost noon and all I have done this morning since 9 a.m. is sit and look at all the blogs.. Thanks to all who post a blog ~ it's so enjoyable reading them. Sometimes it's better than a book..
Have a great Tuesday~!~!

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