Monday, May 03, 2010

Snake~! GranAnnie Snake~!

Ben was here on Saturday helping me with the awful grass in my garden.. He loves to use my garden fork.. I only had one, so I bought one for him to use. When Ben turned over the soil he would see the earth worms.. I tried to get him to hold one.. He said "No Thank You." it sounds so cute when he says that. I told him he could use those fish worms the next time he went fishing with his daddy..

He was walking around the yard while I was finishing up and he said "Snake~!" Snake~!" Grandpa Dee Dee had mowed over a huge bull snake earlier and it was dead.. I told Ben "Well lets put it on your fork and we can put it in the corn field.." He hooked his fork under the snake and he carried it over to the field.. I told him he was very brave.. Ben is 3 years old . After we put our garden forks away we walked down the mowed path to the creek. He loves the creek.. I told him when it warms up we can play in the creek.. It's not very deep.. lots of sand and just big enough for GranAnnie and Ben to have fun. He loves being outside and so do I..

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Robin Hood and Sir Hiss??