Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sleeping Boys

I think Ben is so sweet when he is sleeping. Here he is with his bunny named Nibbles. Nibbles is really loved a lot. He loves his PJ's, Buzz Light Year and Woody.. He says "Buzz Light Year " then extends his arms out and pretends to fly..
Yesterday while Ben was here he pushed the play lawn mower that he has all the way to the creek and back. He was talking and chattering the whole way.. He has now learned what red-wing blackbirds look like and he says "Hello Mr. blackbird"... Mr. Blackbird flew close by and just sat in a tree close by doing his annoying song. Ben ran to the tree and flapped his arms and Mr. Blackbird flew off.. Ben just laughed.
After supper, we played Thomas the Train and of course John Deere Tractors.. There is a disk that goes with one of the tractors . When Ben runs it over the carpet it makes little marks..and he says "I'm farming, Gran Annie"... We love to play.. When it's time for bed Grandpa Dee Dee reads him a story out of the lastest John Deere Magazine. They have to look at all the pictures and make comments.. Then it's my turn.. Ben and I go upstairs and I read to him. "Curious George seems to be his favorite now" and a Book about going on a bear hunt.. He loves it when the family finds the bear in the cave.. Big shining nose, Two big furry ears and Two googly eyes.. Yikes ~! It's a bear and off the family runs with the bear close behind. He goes to bed with his Chocolate Milk in a sippy cup and his beloved Nibbles.. I give him a little flashlight and give him kisses and hugs.. He asks me to lay down next to him , we say our prayers to God , he loves the part where you say Amen .and off he goes to dreamland with his last words "I love you Gran Annie." Nite Nite.
What a sweet boy...who we love dearly.


rex22lbs said...

Benny you are so cute. Thank goodness for Uncle David and the gift of Nibbles. Curious George is an all time favorite of mine also.

Carolina Trekker said...

Sleep well Ben...dream of me.
I love You.