Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tracie & Ben stopped by

On Monday Ben and Tracie and Rocco the dog stopped by for supper. It was good to see them. She had gone to a garage sale over the week-end and wanted to show me all the clothes she had bought for Ben.. He saw the Iowa Hawkeye shirt and polar fleece jacket and wanted them on instantly.. Oh ~! his favorite saying when he sees something or gets excited is "Wow".. He put them on and then he was so happy.

We ate supper which was delicious.. I love to cook minute steaks with lots of onions, mushrooms and red peppers.. If you tell Ben it's steak, regardless what the meat is, he will eat it.

silly boy. After supper Grandpa Dee Dee took Ben outside for a tractor ride on his favorite tractor John Deere 530.. This time Grandpa Dee Dee let him drive it all by himself.. HE was in hog heaven.. For fun, Ben would steer the tractor towards a tree and Grandpa Dee Dee would have to stop the tractor and back up.. Ben would be laughing and you could hear him say "Oh NO~!".. Then off they would go with Ben steering the big tractor too close to the pine trees so they would have to lean over so the branches didn't hit them.. and then out into the open and off to the creek and back to the big shed where the tractors are stored... Tracie and I could hear them laughing and talking to each other. Sweet~!

Rocco had a great time chasing the ground squirrels all over the yard.. He is an Italian Greyhound and even thou he runs so fast he just can't seem to catch up with these little varmints.

Evening came and time for Ben and Tracie to go home.. Ben wanted to stay with GranAnnie. But we convinced him that he needed to go home so he could go to Pre school/daycare the next day.. As he went out the driveway in his MaMa's car he was waving and blowing me kisses.. Makes me wanna cry. I waved goodbye and blew kisses to them both..

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Country Girl said...

When Ben is older you will tell this story about the tractor and everyone will laugh. And inside your heart will swell because this is one of those sweet memories that will last forever.