Monday, May 10, 2010

Cold & WIndy today

Got out my hand cultivator and tilled up the garden today.. It has that awful grass that is so hard to get rid of.. but I worked it up today and got a lot out of the garden.. I planted red potatoes today . I put little red flags to show where they are planted.. I'm going to go to Rich's house on Thurs. He asked me to come and go with him and the kids to a camp out for John's boy scout troop 10.. I told him I would come and it sounded like a lot of fun.
After I got the potatoes planted I put my tools away.. I decided to get my tree trimmers and cut the lilac flowers off the trees.. Heard that if you take the flowers off after they have bloomed they will bloom better for the next year.. It took me 2 hours to get two bushes flowers clipped off. Then it started to rain.. Made me go inside and get warmed up. Made me a cup of hot tea and sat with my book that I'm reading.. "Three Cups of Tea"... It's a really good book.
Tracie called me this afternoon and said she had a tooth ache and Cory had a bad sore throat and asked if I could take Ben for the evening and take him to school the next day.. I said "Sure , that would be great".. About 6, Cory brought Ben down. Ben was so excited.. WE played with Thmas the Train and with the tractors.. I popped him some popcorn and he watched a favorite DVD.. Then it was time for bed.. He was very talkative tonight.. I read him two stories and then I told him it was time for bed.. Oh he fought the sandman all the way to 10:30... He is now sound asleep and I'm going to go to bed too.. 6:30 will come soon in the morning.
It's so windy and cold out tonight. It rained for along time , which is good.. Makes the flowers grow and give a good watering to the potatoes I planted today.. It's 41 degrees right now, the house is chilly and the furnace just came on and is warming up the house.
Time for bed.. Ta Ta For Now

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rex22lbs said...

Cold and windy here also. Yucky, Yucky, Yucky