Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Red Wing Blackbirds ~ Grrrrr~!

It's that time of year when the hogs show up.. Red Wing Blackbirds ~ Grackles~ and the Starlings. But the ones I have the most problem with is the red wings.. I have 6 blue bird houses in the pasture and the red wings sit on top of the bird house and won't let any other bird nest.. then when I take a walk through the pasture to the creek they dive bomb you and actually get hair from your head. UGGGG~!
So today they were very upset with me. I took down the feeder that has the black oiled seed in it and replaced it with a feeder with a cage.. That way the little birds and my woodpeckers can get food.. I have a platform feeder that I keep sunflower seed in and the red wings can go there. They are such a nuisance. They were keeping the little birds and my woodpeckers from eating.
The rose breasted grosbeaks are here and they are so beautiful.. The hummingbirds arrived today.. They are such a little bird but very aggressive..
The lilacs are in full bloom now and they are so beautiful and smell so wonderful. Today I sat outside in the warm sunshine and read my book "Three Cups of Tea".. and as the wind blew it brought the smell of the lilacs right to me. It was wonderful.. This is a really great book and I would recommend it to all.. It's a true story.. I sipped my tea and read all afternoon and the warm sunshine felt so good.. It got up to 65 today.. Very nice.
Tomorrow I'm going geocaching and that will be great~!

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