Friday, July 30, 2010

Ben at Thomas Park

Yesterday after Tracie got off of work and picked up Ben at daycare I met them at Thomas Park.. Oh he loves this park... When we got there a hot air baloon was just getting started in putting it in the air.. WOW~! is all Ben said over and over. He thought that was so cool.

He loved this excavating equipment. Don't know how he knows the noises of these machines but he does very well in making the noise. It was fun to watch him dig holes and then deposit the sand in another area... Good hand/eye coordination~!

He had to stop periodically for a cool drink... He was a busy boy.

Riding this motorcycle was lots of fun. He would get it going and then jump off . we thought he was so funny..

opps picture is a little blurry.. He likes the slides ~ the biggerr the better.


rex22lbs said...

Hey Benny! What a busy boy. So glad you are there to help with Ben. Give him a big squeeze from me.

Carolina Trekker said...

Wondering when you and Ben go to this Park again, if you could video him operating the red machine and making his machinenoise and Post it here.
Go BEN Go!!!