Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Our Iowa Live Snowman~!

Here is Dave posing with all the snow all over him.. He used the John Deere Snow blower that we have to remove all the snow in front of our garage and in the driveway.  It's freezing cold here in Iowa and today we are having a heat wave.. It's 4 degrees.. First day in 3 days that it hasn't been below freezing..Waking up with temperatures starting at -13  last couple days is not very inviting. The school kids have had no school for two days now and I'm sure they are going stir crazy with being off for 2 weeks for Christmas.. 
     My good friend died Sunday and Dave and I are going to her funeral service at 11 today.. No burial as it is too cold.  ( I would think the ground would be too frozen).  Another chapter in Ruth's life.. She was 71...
     The birds are at the bird feeders this morning  in a huge group..I took out some water for them this morning and even thou I have a heated bird bath it is freezing on the outer edges.. They are drinking the water and I'm sure they are thankful.. Food and water are so important for them this time of year when everything is frozen solid.    It's so fun to set here at my desk and look out my window and see all the beautiful colors they present with the white snow as a background..
       Made chilli today..it's in the crockpot.. Thank goodness for crockpots ~  When we come home today it will taste good for our evening meal.. I think I will make some cornbread to go with the soup..  Dave is doing Weight Watchers so I have to be careful with my cooking.  He has lost 50 pounds so far and has been doing it with my daughter Tracie since May.. They are both having success. Makes the Doctors Happy.
        Stay warm and keep busy.. My knitting projects are getting done and I have watched many movies on Nexflix.   I watched the movie titled Unconditional  ~ last night.. That was a awesome movie.. 
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~!  Ta Ta For Now From Frigid Iowa~! 


Nancy C said...

I think we have turned the corner on the weather here... but our pipes froze this morning and I'm still waiting for a miracle! :)

acorn hollow said...

He looks like a snowman for sure. a pot of chili sounds like just the thing. stay warm

JSpeas said...

Birds are busy here also. Hoping for a warm up this weekend.