Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Look who's doing the supper dishes~!

 After I volunteered yesterday (Tues.) for the second graders at Springville Elementary ~ Ben and I left to go home.. 
Decided to have pizza.. His mom got home and we had the oven ready... Ben made his own pizza and he held up his plate with the dough that he had spread out, he had drawn a happy face.. He said "GranAnnie ~ this is how I feel"..."Happy"...We are trying to teach him about feelings... match the face with the feeling.. I told him that his face made me Happy too~!

After supper he just decided on his own that he was going to do the dishes.. So he got his stool and I gave him the sponge we use to wash the dishes and squirted soap on the sponge.. (of course I gave him lots of praise).... He was as happy as a lark to do this..I told him I would wipe the dishes.. I told him the responsibility that the dryer had was to be sure the dishes were clean and rinsed good.. He liked it that I was drying the dishes.. He said "We are a team"...  
         Afterwards we went into his Mom's bedroom and watched a Vegie Tale Movie.. Beanie climbed up and he petted Beanie and said  'You know GranAnnie if you pet your dog long enough they will follow you all over the house ".. I said "Yes, Ben you are right"...Little later he went to the kitchen to get a drink and he was so excited..Beanie walked right behind him... He gave her a snack... Good Dog~!
       This morning was a little chilly but this noon it's 21 degrees with the sun shining so brightly.. We are having a heat wave.. Ya-Hoo~!   Went outside this morning and it felt so good to not be below 0 and the wind not blowing so hard..
      The furnace is acting up this morning and our furnace man came right over... Oh NO~~!  He said the motor was dead.. $$$$$$$$$$  later, we have heat again.. 
The expenses of winter is upon our house and so glad I saved money for a rainy/snowy day.....
      A Cure For The Blues:  Psalm 8   ought to be required reading for anyone suffering the "Monday morning Blues" (I know today is Wednesday) If one can read it without getting emotionally involved, than you haven't had your morning coffee yet~!  When was the last time you counted your blessings from God? God has provided much happiness for our families, our health, security possessions, a home in heaven.  Give much thanksgiving and Read Psalm 8 out loud to God. Our God is all-powerful~! 
      Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! Ta Ta For Now:)


Nancy C said...

So important that the little ones learn responsibility at an early age. Good for Ben and good for you!

JSpeas said...

Gooooooood Job Bennie! Such a good boy helping with the dishes and being nice to Beannie.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am so glad they were able to fix your computer. Brrr! It is cold where you live.