Monday, January 27, 2014

100 days for Ben's School

     Last Friday it was 100 days of school for Ben at Springville Elementary. His first grade class participated in dressing old.   He was dressed like an old man.. He has on his great grandpa's hat..his dad's suspenders and a painted on mustache.. He looked so cute and he was so proud..   His teacher took their picture and on the computer she aged the kids faces.. This is what Ben will look like when he is old..He is still cute.. or handsome.. 
     Yesterday we had really bad  weather and the blowing snow  was so bad traveling to church..  But we made it~!  When we came out of church it was nice. No wind and no snow blowing.. We came home and had some delicious brocolli / ham soup and a sandwich.. I baked some apples in the microwave and they tasted so delish~!    About 4 p.m. the wind picked back up and Yikes~!  the blowing snow was blowing so hard and on the T.V. there were school cancellations for today..(Monday)...   This morning lots of businesses were closing.. It's -7 and the chill factor is brisk.. The winds are suppose to pick back up to 30 plus and they are telling people to stay home because it's so cold.. I went out this morning and fed the birds ,,,had to shovel lots of snow to get to their feeder.. There was a little black capped chickadee that was not looking very good.. I picked him up and brought him into the house.. I gave it some water and some food and he perked right back up.. I let him back outside and he flew to the feeder and looked like he was going to make it.. He was singing his  song "I'm alive"  "I'm alive"... chick a dee dee~!  chick a dee dee~! 
      After I got back inside I poured my coffee and made my morning grits and a soft egg..  Now just sitting in my comfy chair watching the birds.. I now have one squirrel and he is enjoying the corn I put out on the ground this morning just for him.. I had some walnuts and put them out there too.. My friend gave me a old bag  (2010) of walnuts she had in her freezer and said to feed them to my birds.. j
    Hope you all are safe and warm.. I'm just thankful we have electricity and the furnace is running ...
    Ta ta for now from Iowa:)  
WARNING~~~~everyone should go outside and take a look at the exhaust that is on the side of your house..this exhaust comes from your furnace.. If it is blocked with snow or ice your furnace will not work.. I checked mine while out feeding the birds..It was covered with snow.. Good thing I looked~!  


WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Glad your son enjoyed his day!

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Pierce has his 100th day today. He was supposed to take 100 of something to go in a big trail mix. He took 100 m and ms. I like the dressing old thing though!

Unknown said...

Oh my, Annie...he looks so adorable...young and old!!! What a novel idea!...:)JP

JSpeas said...

Such a handsome old man. He is such a cutie. Cold here too and the birds are eating like no tomorrow here also.

Carolina Trekker said...

Ben is an adoreable OLD MAN!! How much snow did you get? No kidding...we may get snow here today or tomorrow!!