Monday, January 06, 2014

Mega Big Time Sugar~!

Double /Triple Dose of Sugar~!
        Have you ever looked at the side of the can of pop that your children or Grandchildren are drinking.. Ben was drinking with two straws of Sun Drop Soda.. He was trying to fiqure out how to put the straws into the cans and just drink out of one..So he decided to drink with two straws in each can.. I wondered how much sugar is in one of these cans~~ Yikes~!   46 g of carbs and 45 g of sugar.. I took the rest of the cans that I had purchased and dumped them down the drain and put the empty cans into the recycle bin..Guess GranAnnie better look next time Ben puts a beverage into the cart.. Needless to say he was higher than a kite and if someone says to you that children are not affected by sugar it's all rubbish.. They are affected.. Ben and I had a little talk about this drink he was drinking and we decided that we need to be more cautious and careful with our choices.. 
        Tracie (Ben's Mom) and I took Ben to the Cedar Rapids Library and the new library is so cool.. They have a treadmill attached to a computer table ~ Ben is reading a book while walking on the treadmill...What a great idea~!  That's the way I like doing things,,multi-tasking.  He loves going to the library and when we go we usually spend 4 to 5 hours there.. 
         Yesterday at church the Pastor asked if anyone had taken a test this week.. Lots of young people's hands went up..College age students..  This was testimony Sunday and a time when people ~ if they want to come up and tell how God had worked in their life this year.   There were about 9 of us that went up and I gave a testimony about how I love to witness to people and see where they are with their walk with God.  My oldest Son,(age 33) Wally was killed in a automobile accident 18 years ago and what got me through this whole ordeal was my strength that I had with God..  As long as I kept my eyes on Jesus I was strong.. But when my eyes were not on Jesus I was a basket case.  When we go through hard times in our lives we need to lean on God to get us through the ordeal.
I got to thinking about what the Pastor had said ~if any of us had taken a test.. I think God is giving ALL of us a test everyday.. Did you pray today? Did you read your bible today? Did you read your daily devotions?  How was your driving to work today, or shopping mall~~ did someone bother you by not driving fast enough or being in the wrong lane?  Did you get bothered by standing in the checkout lane  and seeing the lady in front of you is paying for her groceries with lots of pennies..? ( I went up and helped her count  ALL those pennies).  What are we doing to show other people God's love.... what are we teaching our children... Because it's so bitter cold outside I went out to my mailbox and put some handwarmers in the mailbox for the mail person that will deliver my mail later today.. An hour ago it was -13 and now it's -8.. and it's 1:30.  Lots of schools cancelled today because of the bitter cold.. 
January is always a starting over month for me.. I don't make New Years Resolutions ~ I don't keep them...So I'm starting by reading The Daily Walk Bible.. by next year I'll have read the whole bible, read the special daily devotions that are included in this bible, have insights to help me understand what I have read..and have a closer walk with God..  It will be a jouney and I'm going to write down my thoughts in a journal..  Day 7 will be tomorrow and I have been faithful so far in reading the bible everyday..
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa~!


A Quiet Corner said...

I see people at our gym reading and walking on the treadmill...think it's a great way to kill two birds with one stone, Annie and for kids, it sends the right message about living a healthy lifestyle!...:)JP

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I don't let mine drink soda unless they are sick. Then I do allow gingerale.

JSpeas said...
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JSpeas said...

Bennie sure does keep you busy....good to see him busy on the treadmill. I remember drinking grape pop when I was a kid and even though it probably made me tasted great!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

A treadmill at the library. That sounds really cool. My son loves Sprite, but he doesn't get it very often.