Sunday, November 17, 2013

This is Ben at the playstation with his friend Jacob.. Jacob is in yellow and his Mom, Kim is in Blue..I told them they look like Mario ...Ben and his Mom, Tracie are in the middle.. He loves going to the playstation every year for his birthday with Jacob..  Ben turned 7 this year and is growing up so fast.. Yesterday I went with Tracie and Ben to the brand new Cedar Rapids Library.. He wanted to be on the computer to do a math program (he loves math)...Had to enter my library card number which is 13 numbers.. I told Ben what to type along with my password.. I couldn't believe it the 2nd time we did this he didn't need my card,,he knew the numbers including the password.. Oh my goodness~!  that was so amazing to me that he could remember ALL those numbers.. I think you call this a math whiz...When he does the math or subtraction problems he doesn't even think about it he just writes the answer down  like 7+3 =10.  It's like reading words, no hesitation..  WOW~!  

       He is very interested in Planets right now.. We found 2 really good books on the subject.. I told him we should make the planets and color them and hang them from the ceiling in his bedroom.. He said yes,,we can start with mercury and go from the smallest to the largest.. He said "GranAnnie just to let you know the earth is not the largest ~~~~it's the sun...What a boy... !~!~!
Here is Ben having a good time with lights out and us singing "Happy Birthday". He was so happy~! This was a video and I don't know how to put a video on my blog.. Lots of loud singing ~ in tune and out of tune.. But Ben loved it and we had a great time celebrating his 7th birthday...
           Went to church this morning and because Ben was with his Mom this week he gets to go to church with PaPa Dee Dee and me...The Sunday School is practicing for the Christmas Program ... He said after church that he had a great time and he loves singing to Jesus..He really enjoys going to church with us.. There was a baptism this morning and he was really fascinated with what was going on...he said he would like to someday go under that water just like Jesus did with John the Baptist.. (He remembered the story I told him couple weeks ago)..what a memory he has .. bless his heart.. He accepted God into his life, kneeling next to his bed awhile ago.. He said he wanted to be sure he was in the Lambs book of life.. on God's hand.. I cried..what a tender moment that was for me to listen to him give a heart felt talk to God..wanting God to be in his heart and his name on God's hand.. Sweet~!  What a blessing ~!
       Today was a warm,,rainy day.. After church we dropped Ben off to his Mom's house and we went to Culvers for lunch.. There were lots of people there.. When we got home I took a nap.. Isn't that what Sunday afternoons are for...?
Now I'm going to get some popcorn popped and get ready for the Amazing Race ....I really like this show..  So on that note..Have a Blessed Day~!~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Carolina Trekker said...

Wonder if Ben has a photographic memory? He is really good with numbers. GO Ben! Post a picture of the Planets for us when he finishes them?

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I read once that about 10% of kids have a partially eidetic (photographic) memory when they are young, but that they tend to lose it as they age. Pierce has some similar abilities - he can read a book once and quote from it verbatim. It's very interesting to me.
Glad Ben had such a fun birthday!

JSpeas said...

Way to go Ben! Keep up the good work with numbers.