Thursday, November 07, 2013

Ben loving his dog Rocco~!

Ben loves his dog, Rocco~!  His mom went on a trip to Jamaica with her fellow workers and her boss that owns the Chiropractor Office.  Dr. Johnson..  So GranAnnie is staying with Ben and Rocco for a few days while mom is gone.. Ben said last night "GranAnnie take a picture of Rocco and me and send it to Mom and tell her We miss her~!"... AWWWW~! sweet. 
 She will be gone Wed. to Sunday...  Ben goes to his Dad's on Friday evening and well be with his Dad until next Friday..  I will miss him... His birthday is next Tues..11/12 and he will be 7 years old... We are going to have a party tonight...I bought him Star War Lego and he can put it together this evening.. He requested apple crisp and vanilla ice cream instead of cake.. So that is what I made today.. At 3:30 I'll get him at the bus stop.. He loves riding the bus..
        He was so excited when he got off the bus yesterday afternoon.. He had a good day and earned 26 points and earned some time to play legos with the librarian...Plus I bought some books at the book fair and gave them to the counselor to give him on days that he earned more points.. He loves books... He earned a book yesterday.. names Charlie..It's about a dog.. He has been working towards this book for many weeks.. 

This is Ben's teacher ,Mrs. Schlotterbeck.. Last Friday the school had Character Book Parade.. One was suppose to dress up like a character that is in a book.  Ben was Power Rangers.. his teacher is Skippy Jon Jones..  We love these books..  His teacher even has the stuffed animal..Which now Ben wants...mmmm?  birthday is coming up. Have a tiggeriffic Day~!~!  One more day and it's Friday:)  ta ta for now from Iowa:)


acorn hollow said...

He is cute and I am sure you and he are enjoying the visit

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Ben and pierce have so many of the same interests! Cute pic!

JSpeas said...

Love the pic with his teacher. So much fun!