Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is what was on the side of a tractor that I saw in Sweden at the World Ploughing Matches.. I haven't looked up the website but I thought m-m-m- does this have to do with dyslexia that some people have with the way they see things or read things? It was a beautiful tractor and I thought it was fun and took a picture.. nice and shiny~!
Here's Benny,,,This is his new way of waving when taking his picture.. He is on Papa Dee Dee's John Deere 530.. He loves those tractors out there in the shed and is just content in sitting one them and pretending to drive.
Picked him up from daycare and brought him here to my house.. Dave's twin brother (Don) is here visiting from Pa.. and we are having a great time having him here.. Dave and Don fired up the John Deere A and the 530 and took them to the pasture on the trail that we have out there.. Ben rode with Pa Pa Dee on the 530 and then he changed over to ride with Uncle Don on the old A.. When he got back to the house he said Uncle Don was his favorite person.. Now that is a honor.. Long time ago Tracie told Ben that he was Her Very Favorite Person.. She asked him who his favorite person was and he said : "Gran Annie".. What a proud moment that was for me, when she told me.. For awhile his favorite person has been my friend , Holly.. Now it's Uncle Don... What a boy..
We had a lot of fun with him last night while he was here..
He has a DSI game and he has the Mario Race Kart game. He was trying to show Uncle Don how to play and it was making him dizzy. He had to stop.. Ben said "I know what it's like to be dizzy,, if I go around and around circles I get really dizzy and I have to lay down..". He said I love the merry go round but if someone makes it go really fast it's not good. I have to lay down in the grass until my head quits hurting.. Tracie took Ben home about 9 and he gave us all big hugs and kisses.. What a wonderful boy he is becoming. Very thoughtful and he loves people.. It was his last day of daycare in Central City, Iowa.. He went to ABC ~ I call these places institutions... Starting Tues. he is going to a gals house,, her name is Donna Hudson.. She takes care of children in her home. Ben has been to her place 3 times and just loves it there.. She has 3 other 4 year olds that Ben has met and he likes to play with them. She just loves Ben and is able to cope with his busyness. ABC had a hard time coping with his busyness~ he is really busy.. No sitting down when you are with Ben.. He loves it when you play with him.
He doesn't walk he runs.. Just like his mom did when she was little. We nicknamed her 'Speedy" when she was little. I know Ben will be much happier at Donna's house this summer.
Dave and Don went to Hy-Vee grocery store for breakfast this morning. I'm going to go out to my vegetable garden and get my things planted.. I finally got my big flower garden done and now I just have the small one to do.. Today it will be my vegetable garden . I have my plants bought and seeds and they are ready to go into the soil.. I heard that if one puts banana peels under the tomatoes when you plant them the tomatoes will do so much better.. So I'm going to try that and see what happens.. I'm going to leave one plant without the banana peel and see if there is really a difference.

Here is Ben with his hat that I bought him at the Copenhagen,Denmark airport.. He just loves it~! It has a ribbon attached to the horns with a small bell at the end of the ribbon. He likes to shake his head.. I told him he looks like a viking. He is such a cutey..~!

Have a great Memorial Day week-end~!~! I have my flags flying ~!

Ta ta for now...from Iowa:)


rex22lbs said...

Hey Bennie. You look great as a viking. I love the new wave and give Uncle Don a big squeeze from me.

Mary said...

What a curie pie! I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary