Sunday, May 01, 2011

Today is Sunday and almost time to get dressed for church.. As I sit this morning and watch the news of the tornadoes that hit the South I think of all the people that are affected. Thousands>>>I try and imagine how big it must of been that huge funnel.. A mile wide and 5 miles of distruction. Just part of a house was not taken, but the whole house and huge trees nothing left but a stick in the air to show where it once stood. A huge tradgedy.. Lots to pray about this morning.. But there is a lot to be thankful lady said that she is so thankful for all the help she has received from volunteers. Her whole family is alive and they are together again in a shelter that has been provided for them. I'm sure there will be miracle stories come from all this, as one boy, he looked to be 5 years old, said this morning 'He thought God was with him and his family through out the storm. Where something goes wrong like this storm something good will prevail.. So I'm thankful this morning that we have a God to lean on when something like this happens. He is my stronghold and I feel his love everyday.
Must get ready for church,,You all have a blessed day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

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Matt Ray said...

The storms in the South were devastating. I wouldn't know where to start with the clean-up. I wouldn't know what to say about God's sovereignty in that situation.

But I do know this: God is good in storms and fair weather. God is God in storms and fair weather. We have a God that never changes. This is good news.

I hope we all take some serious pray time for those in the South that had their world rocked by these storms. God promises good to those who trust in Him; now we need to find the good He has in store.