Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seminole Valley Engine Show

Ben is standing next to a big ole Gas Engine that was at the Seminole Valley Engine Show. He has on his brand new blue hat that he was just drooling over and of course GranAnnie had to buy it for him.. He loves his hat.. I thought it was so cute he was hunched down watching these men try to get this gas engine started.. He sat there for along time watching , watching watching. They never did get it started. So off we went to take a look at the next thing. He loved all these engines putt putting and spewing steam. I told him " You know Pa Pa Dee Dee has these same engines in his shed.. " You
know you need to ask him to show you where they are and start them up"

Beb Gilchrist owns this Case Steam Engine. He let Ben get aboard and gave him a ride. He even let Ben blow the whistle.. He really liked that a lot~! He was just beaming.

I love it that his one hand is waving and the other hand is in his pocket. He loved being here and was so fascinated with all the gas engines and the huge steam engines.

He even got to be in the parade of engines and got to ride on a wagon pulled by a old tractor.

We are getting ready to leave and Ben is doing a happy dance.. He had a great day~!

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